Benefits to U.S.A. if Puerto Rico Becomes State 51

Benefits to U.S.A. if Puerto Rico Becomes State 51

Since Puerto Rico joined the United States as a territory in 1898, it has significantly contributed in achieving our national objectives and in fomenting the principles and values of our Nation.  Specifically, Puerto Ricans have contributed greatly in the defense of our Nation at home at abroad in all the major wars and foreign engagements.  Moreover, Puerto Ricans have immensely contributed to the United States’ arts, music, science, businesses, sports and many other economic, social and cultural aspects of our Nation.   In other words, Puerto Rico is already an integral part of the United States as any of the other 50 states.  Puerto Rico is a state of the Union in all but name.

Notwithstanding all the benefits that Puerto Rico currently brings to the Nation as a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico as a state shall bring even more benefits and contributions to the Nation.  Below is a list of some, not all, of the benefits that Puerto Rico would bring to the Nation as State 51.

  1. Enforce American Democratic Ideals

Having PR as a state shall permit the U.S. and its citizens to truly live according to the American democratic ideals because it would terminate the current anti-democratic status of Puerto Rico and the current imposition of “taxation without representation.”

  1. Enforce the American Tradition of Equal Rights for All.

Statehood would also enhance U.S. national policy and ideals as well as U.S. foreign policy by exemplifying the American tradition of equal rights for all.

  1. Promote the “Melting Pot” American Ideal

By admitting Puerto Rico as a state, the U.S. would be emphasizing to the world its commitment to be a true melting pot nation with multicultural integration.

  1. Improve the World Perception of the U.S.

If Puerto Rico becomes State 51, the U.S. would be sending a signal to the world that it is a nation that truly believes in democracy and self-determination.  Moreover, it would be sending a signal to Latin America that the U.S. does not discriminate against Latin-Americans and that they are welcomed as equal partners in the great American democratic experiment called U.S.A.   Admission of PR as a state would reinforce to the world the true moral and ethical values of the U.S. by showing the application of the following values: (a) true democracy, (b) inclusion, (c) openness and (d) respect and acceptance of different cultures and people.

  1. A More Secure U.S.

Under statehood, Homeland Security, Defense and other relevant federal agencies should have a bigger presence in Puerto Rico to further protect our Nation against terrorists, drug traffic, and illegal aliens.  The U.S. military could also expand its operations in PR to further protect the Panama Canal and the Caribbean region.

  1. A More Balanced Hispanic Vote in the Federal Elections.

Puerto Ricans, as conservative non-immigrant Hispanic voters, would be very helpful in bringing balance and perspective to the growing Hispanic political forces in the U.S. Moreover, Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico would add to the diversity of opinions and views of the Nation as they have different opinions on many political, social and economic issues than the Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, and Puerto Rican-Americans.

  1. Improve U.S. relations with Latin America.

Just like Miami has become a nexus point between the U.S. and Latin America, PR will become a second nexus point in the U.S. relations with Latin America and the Caribbean.  This second nexus point will help in the political and economic relationships and business deals between the U.S. and Latin America/Caribbean.

  1. Increase Federal Tax Revenues.

More federal revenues from fully implementing the federal income tax system in PR and from implementing the federal estate taxes on PR residents.

  1. Lower the Net Federal Contributions to PR.

Currently there is a net federal contribution to PR of about $18 billion (2011) after deducting the payments made to the U.S. treasury for Social Security, Medicaid, certain taxes, etc.  Most economists agree that the current territorial political status does not provide a sustainable and viable PR economy anymore, is slowly destroying the PR economy, and requires yearly increases in federal funds to PR just to keep the economy afloat and stable.  Statehood, on the other hand, would push the PR economy forward, bring more industry, tourism and revenues to PR, and make a richer PR, as history has demonstrated with most of the territories that have joined the Nation as states. This increase in economic activity would in turn produce more federal tax revenues and lower the federal transfer payments to PR.  Without statehood, the PR economy will get worse every passing year, draining the federal coffers of ever more federal funds.  Statehood is the best cost effective PR political solution to the U.S. taxpayers.

  1. Increase U.S. Military Enrollment.

Puerto Ricans are loyal Americans who believe in the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the American principles of democracy, and a republican form of government. Puerto Rican soldiers have proved their loyalty and patriotism to our Nation in many wars and missions.  If PR becomes a state, military enrollment from Puerto Ricans residing in PR and in the mainland will increase significantly.


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