Deadline to apply for jobs with Fiscal Oversight Board is today

Deadline to apply for jobs with Fiscal Oversight Board is todayoversight-board-from-top

By on October 27, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico Financial Oversight and Management Board is looking for firms without ties to the current fiscal crisis that are willing to provide legal and strategic services.

The board is looking for external legal counsel and a strategic consultant but the deadline to apply is today, Thursday, Oct. 27.


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Following the announcement last week, some stakeholders requested clarifications to the published request for proposals (RFP). One of them involved the firms’ relationship to legal claims and the board.

“Although there are no publicly available lists of litigations related to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, there are a number of litigations that provide some information about creditors participating in those litigations. So to the extent the respondent firm represents creditors of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico whether related to the fiscal crisis or not, such relationships should be identified in the response to the RFP as best you can,” the board said.

Further, respondents should also set forth any direct or indirect connection the respondent firm may have with members of the board or their families, the document says.

“The Board recognizes that many respondents to the RFP will have some connections to the fiscal crisis and to Puerto Rico generally. The Board will have to review each situation on its own merit,” the panel said.

Clarifications and additional guidance as to how to respond to the RFP can be found on theoversight board’s website.

The board is seeking to intervene in several lawsuits currently pending in federal court to seek a stay on litigation as it doesn’t want the claims to hurt its plans to restructure the island’s $68.7 billion debt.

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