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“Canto Claro Como un Gallo Boricua de Manati-Monte Bello!



TO: US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (US President; US Congress; US Supreme Court)

FROM: WE THE PEOPLE-US Citizens of US Territory of Puerto Rico


WHEN— in the course of fighting for right; a just cause—JUSTICE for the good of ALL–

  • OUR US DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE states: “…governments derive their justpowers from the Consent of the Governed…”
  • OUR United States “WE THE PEOPLE CONSTITUTION” written in another age; has evolved, in this new age-with 27 Amendments (including the “Bill of Rights”)–to ensure EQUALITY/ FAIRNESS—for ALL, not just some…so, we Guard against a “Tyranny of a Majority”…
  • The building block or foundation of our US Republic’s Representative Democracy is the US Citizen that should have– protected “Individual Civil Rights”;  PARITY-FAIR treatment under just Laws”; just representation; Due Process… so, there can be “Consent of the Governed”…
  • The US Federal Government is there to SERVE the People, not to be their Master!BUT, WHERE, based on FACTS–THE US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (US PRESIDENT; US CONGRESS; US SUPREME COURT)–discriminates against US Citizens residing in the US Territory of Puerto Rico (PR) as it fails to uphold the highest precepts and ideals of our US Constitution that centers

on the People with Equal Rights…to this day!

  • The US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT continues (since 1898) to DISCRIMINATE against US CITIZENS residing in the US Territory of Puerto Rico that (includes American Veterans) by DENYING– the right to VOTE in Federal Elections- for our US President/ Head of State; Commander in Chief; not allowing PR just representation in our US Congress that determines our destiny; nor earned benefits; permanent US Citizenship (if born in Puerto Rico)…
  • The Federal Government controls Puerto Rico, under the undemocratic US Territorial Clause, to include: the economy/market, currency, security, borders, shipping, taxes, benefits…; oversees all local laws; can cede PR to another Nation; take away a Statutory 2d Class US Citizenship…
  • PR has no power in Congress; has only one Resident Commissioner-(without a vote) that represents millions of US Citizens (does the job of about 6 US Representatives & 2 US Senators)…
  • Plus, the Federal Government prevents–Parity in Federal Laws (includes: Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, Earn Income Tax Credit, etc.) even when most Federal Taxes are collected and fully paid; excludes Puerto Rico from Federal Code 9-Debt Restructure (which all States have); doesn’t exempt Puerto Rico from the 1920 Jones Act (monopolized Shipping Law) that hurts Puerto Rico’s economy and the MACRO US Economy; prevents “Free Market competition”…
  • The Federal Government discriminates in applying our evolved US Constitution to the US Territory of Puerto Rico; has kept Puerto Rico in Territorial/ Colonial bondage for almost 120 years, as follows: (See MACRO Points that prove discrimination; segregation– 2d Class US Citizenship…)
    • Treaty of Paris (1898)—the US invades and acquires Puerto Rico from Spain as Booty of War with no guaranteed human/ civil rights for Puerto Ricans…
    • Puerto Rico falls under the US Constitution Territorial Clause: “…Congress shall have the power to dispose of and make all rules and regulations pertaining to the Territory or Property belonging to the United States…” But, loyal Puerto Rico (which government has been organized, and integrated into the US, for about 120 years, is now the oldest US Territory under the American Flag… Territories weren’t meant to be in perpetuity…

    • Foraker Act (1900—sets the stage (for the Federal Governance of PR)–where some Congressmen called Puerto Ricans “aliens, mestizos, not fit to governed themselves…”). They invented terms, like “unincorporated” not found in the US Constitution… or never used  to classify other US Territories that became States before Puerto Rico (which was biasedly singled out to be a permanent US Territory-Colony)…
    • Jones Act (1917)—where a non-permanent statutory (by law) 2d Class US Citizenship was imposed on Puerto Ricans (no Plebiscite or Referendum was held…)—without all rights, responsibilities, and benefits that other US Citizens enjoy, under US jurisdiction.
    • The Insular Cases (1901-1925+) US Supreme Court discriminatory decisions: thatestablishes a separate, but, unequal 2d Class US Citizenship in the Territory— especially the Bidwell (1902) & Balzac Cases (1922)— made up terms, like: Puerto Rico is an “unincorporated US Territory…more foreign than domestic…belongs to, but, is not part of the US”—These are discriminating Terms not found in the US Constitution; were never applied to other Territories before Puerto Rico…; but, fabricated in order to allow discrimination…!*NOTE: The US Supreme (during racists times) established (in error) two different forms of US Citizenship-one for the States; another for the US Territories… where the US Congress can discriminate in broadly applying the US Constitution to US Citizens residing in the “unincorporated” US Territory of Puerto Rico…including taking their statutory US Citizenship (not fully protected by the 14th Amendment) away…no matter if they reside in a State…
  • The US Supreme Court, as it narrowly deliberated in two recent Puerto Rico cases– Sanchez Valle (Double Jeopardy) and Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Debt Restructure)– didn’t look  at the racist root causes of PR’s structural un-fair Territorial Status crisis that impacts on all Puerto Rico’s problems-Humanitarian crisis (Civil Rights, Fiscal, Debt, Economy, Parity in Federal Laws-Double Jeopardy, etc.)… or rule that the Territorial Status wasn’t meant to be forever…or overturned the Insular Cases…; nor did they tell Congress to fix this discriminatory incongruent undemocratic Colonial Status that keeps millions of US Citizens under political and Congressional bondage…
    • Besides, the US Supreme Court failed to take up the Case of Samoa, where a Federal Appeals Court determined the US Nationals of Samoa weren’t entitle to US Citizenship, even if they lived under US jurisdiction; also, mentioned that statutory US Citizens didn’t have a permanent US Citizenship because of the racists Insular Case (Bidwell and Balzac—Congress can discriminate in applying the US Constitution to “un-incorporated Territories” made up terms not found in the US Constitution…) which un-fairly impacts upon PR…
    • The US and Puerto Rico’s Justice Departments have failed to take action to fight for Equality; overturn Bidwell and Balzac (segregated, but, unequal 2d Class US Citizenship) like Plessy vs Ferguson (1896—Blacks are equal, but, separate) was overturned by Brown vs the Board of Education (1954)…
    • Moreover, the Federal Government and the Puerto Rican Government colluded (1952) to hide the truth from the United Nations, and to fool the People by calling Puerto Rico a “US Commonwealth” which was translated into Spanish as ELA (“Free Associated State”). These political distorted terms don’t exist in the US Constitution (which only recognizes PR as a US Territory under Article 4-Territorial Clause)…
    • To this day, based on FACTS– the Federal Governance of Puerto Rico is based on vail segregation, discrimination, biases, and racism!The complex US Territory of Puerto Rico’s equal rights; status quandary- that affects millions of discriminated US Citizens, is not only about a “Group Vote” on the status question. But, more essentially crucial, it’s about– the essence of our US Republic with a “Representative Democracy”-“consent of the governed”; equal application of the US Constitution (includes protected Individual Civil Rights for all); equal treatment under just laws; cutting Puerto Rico’s federally undemocratic territorial shackles!You are either are for EQUALITY or you discriminate…!AND CONSIDERING– PUERTO RICO’S GREAT CONTRIBUTIONS (including in the Arts, Business, Economic, Social, Sports, and Defense) to our United States– are written in the best annals of US History-where millions of loyal US Citizens (including American Veterans) from the US Territory of Puerto Rico– have greatly sacrificed; shed sweat, blood and tears; made valuable great contributions to the development, welfare, security, and prosperity of the United States–includes Hispanic-Puerto Rican Ancestors (1st Governor of Puerto Rico) that found and named Florida (1513); brought Christianity, Horses, Cows, Pigs, Oranges…to the now US—107 years before the Pilgrims; Puerto Ricans bravely fought and bled- with General George Washington in the US War of Independence; Civil War; and in all US Wars (WW-I; WWII; Korea; Vietnam…until the present Global War on Islamic Terrorists);

  • The valor of the Puerto Rican US Soldier, US Sailor, and US Airman have been recognized with nine US Medals of Honor and numerous other Medals and Awards to include the US 65th Infantry Regiment-the Borinqueneers- winning the Congressional Gold Medal—highest Honor that the US Congress can bestow;
  • Puerto Ricans—are loyal; cherish our US Citizenship; are integrated; ingrained in the rich diverse fabric of our United States—a noble Land- of Immigrants, tolerance, and Freedom; loyally pledge service, and our lives to our beloved United States, and its noble US Constitution (that unite us)–while keeping, like other States (the Lone Star Republic of Texas…), it’s own Boricua Identity and State Sovereignty…THUS— WE “THE PEOPLE” RISE WITH RESOLVETO DECLARE: BASTA YA!
  • After, almost 120 years of Federal Government institutional discrimination and un-democratic Status neglect, during a time that tries our US Constitution’s Spirit and Soul—
  • After the US Supreme Court has not taken action to redress a wrong or serve true Justice because it hasn’t properly interpreted and weighted or resolve the Constitutional conflict between the original undemocratic Territorial Clause (control of land) and evolved 27 Amendments (includes the Bill  of Rights) that grants protected Individual Civil Rights to all US Citizens– which should receive more weight than the trite undemocratic Territorial Clause that states: “Congress shall have the power to dispose of and make all rules and regulations for the Territory or PROPERTY that belongs to the US.” A Clause written in another age…; meant to be a transition stage…; not to be forever!
  • After, No Taxation without Representation…;
  • After, in a local Plebiscite (2012) US Citizens in Puerto Rico voted for a NON-TERRITORIAL Status: 61+% voted for Statehood; 5% for Independence… Thus, withdrawing any Consent of the Governed… Independence has never received more than 2-5% in the last 5 local Plebiscites… Loyal Puerto Ricans cherish their US Citizenship—EQUALITY!
  • After many ageless excuses, political rhetoric-distortion, generalizations, and speculations that perpetuates the federally US Territory of Puerto Rico the oldest (120 years) in the History of the US to be undemocratically controlled by the Federal Government… THEREFOREWE ASK (with respect, peace, fortitude, and RIGHT)—as we are prepared to march into Hell for a Heavenly just cause— that our Honorable US Federal Government (US President, US Congress, & US Supreme Court)–do its sacred duty–Take ACTION to end political bondage-suppression of Individual Civil Rights…; break the US Territory (Colony) of Puerto Rico’s undemocratic Federal Shackles–
  • Stop the excuses, political distortions, speculations… that lead to discrimination; ensure EQUAL application of the US Constitution to ALL US Citizens—including MILLIONS of Puerto Ricans; ensure EQUAL US Citizenship-“Consent of the Governed”–no matter where US Citizens reside under US jurisdiction/our noble Flag; ensure EQUAL protection under just Laws, and  “Due Process”… (Government should be the servant of the People; not their Master!)PATRIOTS OF TRUE GRIT-TAKE ACTION:
  • US President (through Justice Department)- Take prompt action to achieve Equality; take the Equality Case (with better sound arguments, like some mentioned here) to the Federal Courts-US Supreme Court until true Justice-Equality is served. Educate and Inform the People. Help get Congress to fix the problem.
  • US Supreme Court–must  serve true JUSTICE— better interpret the US Constitution; weigh more the Amendments (Bill of Rights) over the undemocratic Territorial Clause (land control)–Overturn the racist/ discriminatory Insular Cases (Bidwell-1901 and Balzac-1922)—that made up terms, like “non-incorporated…more foreign than domestic…belongs too, but, is not part of the US…” (not found in the US Constitution)—in order to suppress and segregate Puerto Ricans (like Plessy vs Ferguson—Blacks are separate but Equal); treat Puerto Rico differently from other US Territories (before 1922). The “Insular Cases” serve as the veiled source of Federal discrimination to this date…
    • Plus, the US Supreme Court should order our US Congress, if it continues to not take action or provides excuses (like it has done for about 120 years), to STOP INSTITUTIONAL DISCRIMINATION; redress a wrong that tries the Soul and Spirit of our US Constitution…
  • US Congress:1. Support-Help Puerto Rico’s Government (that must also take steps); prevent a Humanitarian Crisis– FIX PR’s Fiscal, Debt, Economic/Job, and other issues that impacts on the US Bond Market-MACRO Economy… This includes treating Puerto Rico (with about 3.5 million US Citizens) fairly like it treats other US Jurisdictions—to include equal Entitlements (Social Security MEDICARE, MEDICAID, SSI funding…); parity in Laws and benefit enjoyed by other fellow US Citizens; exemption from the Jones Act-Shipping Laws; Federal Enterprise Zones; other actions that will allow economic development, growth, and job creation for the benefit of all to include Puerto Rico’s and the MACRO US economy… “PROMESA” Federal Fiscal Board- is the first step…2. FIX (concurrently) the structural Status quagmire that affects everything Puerto Rico does. The best final solution is to conduct a sanctioned Referendum between constitutionally clearly defined Non-Territorial Options (that don’t confuse)– which are only two (per US Constitution):
    • STATEHOOD-Own STATE Boricua IDENTITY; STATE SOVERIGNTY(US Citizenship; US Constitution; PR Constitution; permanent US Citizenship with all rights, earned benefits, and responsibilities) VS
    • INDEPENDENCE-(Puerto Rican Citizenship; PR Constitution; END of US Citizenship-protection of US Constitution, rights, and benefits (NO Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID; Federal Funds for Education, Transportation, Security, Social Programs, etc.)
    • INDEPENDENCE with PACT (Free Association or ELA Soberana): Same definition as Independence, but, with a PACT to be negotiated by sovereign Nations for mutual benefit…*NOTE: Allow all statutory US Citizens (born in Puerto Rico), no matter where they reside a VOTE, because they have “Legal Standing”-the outcome might affect them; they could lose their US Citizenship unless US Congress Naturalizes them under the 14thAmendment of the US Constitution that states “you are a US Citizen if you were born in a State or Naturalized…” Remember, the “Insular Cases” permit Congress to discriminate in applying the US Constitution, they can revoke a Statutory (by Law) US Citizenship…
       We must guard against a “Tyranny of a Majority”! THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (which at times has been benevolent) must not give excuses, but, advance our Representative Democracy; ensure equal US Citizenship; end Puerto Rico’s federally undemocratic trite Territorial (Colonial) Status; provide Liberty and Justice for all under our grand US Flag! Let’s work together for the Good of All: Family, Community, USA, and Humanity!With TRUTH, REASON, and ACTION–WE SHALL OVERCOME! Respectfully, WE THE PEOPLE; PATRIOTS OF TRUE GRIT






  1. PURPOSE/ GENERAL: This is a sanctioned Congressional Plebiscite for US Citizens (Statutory-born in Puerto Rico, and Others residing in the US Territory of Puerto Rico) mandated by the US Congress, IAW the US Constitution Territorial Clause that states: Congress shall have the power to dispose of and make all rules, and regulations pertinent to the Territory or Property belonging to the United States.


The US Congress will democratically measure the free will of the US Citizens residing in the US Territory of Puerto Rico and other statutory US Citizens (no matter where they reside)– as to their desire to select an EQUAL Non-Territorial Status, per the US Constitution.


The US Congress offers EQUALITY through: Statehood or Independence (with or without Pact); naturalization of Statutory US Citizens in the States; a transition period of 5 years… per the below defined OPTIONS, IAW the Constitution of the United States.



CHOOSE ONLY ONE OPTION—Write “X”  next to your selection:

_______STATEHOOD (Admittance to the Free “Union of States”—working for the common good.)

MEANS: The US Territory of Puerto Rico will enter the “Union of the United States” as Equals— with a permanent US Citizenship, under the US Constitution (with—equal rights, responsibilities, earned benefits and Parity in all Federal Laws); State Boricua Identity (Customs/Traditions); State Sovereignty; State PR Constitution…

  1. Transition Period: 5 years.


_______INDEPENDENCE- (Without PACT)

MEANS: The US Territory of Puerto Rico would become a Sovereign Entity with Puerto Rican Citizenship, under a Puerto Rican Constitution…. ; End of –US Citizenship.; end of Protection of the US Constitution…

  • BUT, there will be an End of US Citizenship; end of Protection of the US Constitution; end of earned Federal Benefits and Federal Funding (about $25 Billion dollars–includes loss of: Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDCAID, Un-employment, Food Stamps, etc.; loss of Federal Funds for Healthcare, Defense, Security, Education, Transportation, Roads, etc.)
  • Transition Period: 5 years.


_______INDEPENDENCE- with PACT (Free Association; ELA Soberano or other name)

 MEANS: The US Territory of Puerto Rico would become a Sovereign Entity with Puerto Rican Citizenship, under a Puerto Rican Constitution. BUT, but, with a PACT of Free Association with the United States; which terms need to be negotiated. Any of the Parts can terminate PACT…

  • BUT, there will be an End of US Citizenship; end of Protection of the US Constitution; end of earned Federal Benefits and Federal Funding (about $25 Billion dollars–includes loss of: Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDCAID, Un-employment, Food Stamps, etc.; loss of Federal Funds for Healthcare, Defense, Security, Education, Transportation, Roads, etc.)
  • Transition Period: 5 years.


  • Statutory (by law) US Citizens (born in Puerto Rico) have a non-permanent US Citizenship that can be lost by the will of Congress or if Puerto Rico selects Independence. Thus, all statutory US Citizens have “Legal Standing” to participate in a Congressional PR Status Plebiscite, because the outcome can affect them (could lose their un-permanent US Citizenship).
  • For Purposes of this Plebiscite, Congress will naturalize those statutory US Citizens residing in a State, as to the date of Independence (if selected by the free will of the People).
  • An Entity can’t be Sovereign with the Constitution or Citizenship of another Entity.



*Equality for Puerto Rico: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EWzqvRZJOY

Puerto Rico Statehood Video


Video supporting statehood for Puerto Rico played before a January 29th LPCP conference

*Chief Judge Torruella (Harvard): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aixtvS4Jack#t=20

  • Let’s keep an open mind for facts; seek the truth; work in a non-partisan manner to solve the vexing problem. STOP speculation, generalizations, political distortion or aged long illogical excuses that discriminate! But, work with facts, logic, and good analysis in this imperfect World!Let REASON prevail!*Drafted by: Dennis O. Freytes (MPA, MA-HR, BBA)-Community Servant Leader-US Army Retired-Commander of Infantry, Special Forces, Airborne; Professor PMS/ ROTC Officer School Commandant-University of Puerto; Trustee Valencia College…; Served on FL Governor and US President Transition Policy Transition Teams; US Congress Advisory Boards (Veterans)…Community fighter for Seniors, Children, Youth, Families, and American Veterans—different Non-Profits—Human Services; Community Local Government…; Inductee Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame (by FL Governor, also, acting for the FL Cabinet; FL House; FL Senate)…




*NOTE: Provide constructive input—contact Dennis Freytes- dennisfreytes@hotmail.com




  1. Dennis O. Freytes: Patriot-American Veteran; Community Servant Leader
  2. Will you add you name?

Best Wishes; for the Good of ALL! V/R,

Dennis  (1st PH: 407-298-1151// 2d-Mobile: 321-276-1309//3d PR: 787-946-5859)
Dennis O. Freytes (MPA, MHR, BBA); American Veteran; Community Servant Leader
*Congressional/ Mayor Veterans Advisory Boards-Support American Veterans

*Chair Florida Vets4Energy (Independence)– www.vets4energy.com

*Florida Veterans Hall of Fame (Inducted by Governor, also, acting for FL Cabinet; House; Senate)

**Son of Borinqueneer Celio Freytes Menendez (WW-II & Korea)–US 65th INF-Winners Congressional Gold Medal


“No Task too Difficult; no Mission Impossible–WILL DO!”

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Para trabajar por la Estadidad: https://estado51prusa.com Seminarios-pnp.com https://twitter.com/EstadoPRUSA https://www.facebook.com/EstadoPRUSA/
Para trabajar por la Estadidad: https://estado51prusa.com Seminarios-pnp.com https://twitter.com/EstadoPRUSA https://www.facebook.com/EstadoPRUSA/