Grassroots Activation Initiative: Florida – Puerto Rico First

Grassroots Activation Initiative: Florida

Dear Friends and Supporters of Puerto Rico Statehood, 

PR51st is excited to announce the launch of our new Grassroots Activation Initiative. The objective of this initiative is to increase the impact of your advocacy efforts by focusing on the Members of Congress in the states and districts that are most critical to advancing Puerto Rico statehood legislation in the U.S. Congress.  

Florida is the Key…

The state of Florida has been selected as the starting point for this initiative because of the large number of Puerto Ricans living in the state, the overwhelming support for statehood among them, and the national importance of Florida as a key swing state in the 2020 general elections. It’s not a coincidence that the Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act, H.R. 4901, has more cosponsors from Florida [currently 12] than any other state, but we think with your help we can do even better. Lets get started…

Do you live in Florida? 

If so then you can make a big difference in the Puerto Rico statehood movement by contacting your U.S. Senators to ask that they introduce a Senate companion bill to H.R. 4901. You can also make a difference by urging your Representative to become a cosponsor of that bill, if they haven’t done so already. To help you PR51st has prepared a list of your U.S. Senators and the House members we are targeting for co-sponsorship, and can provide you with multiple ways to make your voice heard. 

Do you live outside of Florida?

No problem. You can still help by calling and sharing this message with your family and friends in Florida to ask that they advocate for statehood to their U.S. Senators and Representatives on your behalf. Ask them to join the PR51st mailing list, and then send them information, emails and materials form PR51st to support their advocacy efforts.  

Advocacy Tools for Supporting Statehood…

You can a difference by:

  • Contacting your members of Congress today to urge them to cosponsor H.R. 4901 in the House, and to support the introduction of a bipartisan companion bill in the Senate. 
  • Showing your position on Facebook. Download the images below and use one as your Facebook cover to show you want Puerto Rico to be the 51st state. Social media is the news now for many of us, and Congress takes it seriously.
  • Sharing this email with your friends and family, and ask them to contact their members of Congress. The more voices that support Puerto Rico statehood, the sooner Congress will take action. 
  • Make a donation to keep PR51st going and advancing the cause of statehood. 
  • Join our volunteer list to get toolkits and resources to take action, connect with other volunteers in your area and stay up to date in the movement to obtain statehood for Puerto Rico. 

You can also download these and other options from our Volunteers Facebook Covers page.

Thank you…

We thank you again for your commitment, and look forward to showing how your grassroots efforts can help pave the way to statehood for Puerto Rico.

–Your friends at PR51st

PR51st Grassroots Activation Initiative

Florida Targets

High Priority


Rep. Dan Webster (R-FL-11) 


To enable better tracking of social media advocacy activity by PR51st Volunteers, please use the following hashtags: 





Again, thank you!

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