ACTION ALERT: Stop the desperate attempt to derail statehood and the November plebiscite

ACTION ALERT: Stop the desperate attempt to derail statehood and the November plebiscite

George Laws Garcia <>

Friends & Colleagues,
In recent weeks we have seen a massive surge of attention to the issue of statehood for Puerto Rico. Those who oppose statehood see the progress our movement is making at the national level, and they are trying to stop us. But we must persist. 
Later this week the House Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on «Puerto Rico’s Options for a Non-Territory Status and What Should Happen After November’s Plebiscite» where statehood opponents will try to preemptively undermine the validity of the upcoming plebiscite, and propose a «Status Convention» as a way to complicate, confuse and delay the resolution of Puerto Rico’s ultimate status. 
Please share the ACTION ALERT copied below with all of your stateside friends and contacts, and ask them to TAKE ACTION. We need to send a loud message to Congress opposing the anti-statehood bill H.R.8113 and instead calling on them to respect and implement the will of Puerto Rico’s voters in the upcoming statehood «YES or NO» plebiscite by co-sponsoring H.Res.1113.
Working together we can help the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico finally obtain equality through statehood, and in the process make America a more perfect Union
George H. Laws GarciaExecutive DirectorPuerto Rico Statehood CouncilPhone:   301-798-5051Cell:      202-285-5742
Email:    glaws@prstatehoodcouncil.orgWeb:

Oppose H.R. 8113, The Anti-Statehood BillOpponents of statehood and equality for Puerto Rico see the progress we’re making — and they want to stop us. Take Action
The «Self-determination» Bill Is Just an Anti-Statehood BillThe are serious problems with the Velazquez & Ocasio-Cortez “Self-Determination” Bill.  Read more
The Details of the Velazquez/AOC Bill HR8113 is basically the same bill Velazquez introduced in 2007. She didn’t bother to consult with Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon, the only official representative of Puerto Rico in Congress. And the bill continues the tradition by planning not to consult with the voters of Puerto Rico. Instead, it will spend years trying to make the kind of fantasy status deal the commonwealth party has already spent decades trying to make. Read more
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